Michael LV, the creator, started out as a DJ, entertaining the party crowds at local bars and clubs. His deep passion for music eventually led him, along with vocalist, Alesia Christine, to form LV8, creating original music that mixes and blends together styles of electronica, ambient, trance, funk and tribal in creative way, resulting in a truly unique and eclectic sound.


Album releases include: "EFFECT" (2013), "LUMINOUS" (2015),"MOMENTUM" (2017), "FAST CITY LIFE' (2018), "FIFTH" (2019), and our new release "ELEMENTAL IMAGERY" (2023).


The songs of LV8 are inspired from life's most meaningful        experiences.  Their mission is to spread positivity through their music. There are other imitators out there who have Used the LV8 name without permission, the original and authentic LV8/LV8 MUSIC is in no way associated with any other group, band or       entity creating music that promotes hatred, negativity and    violence.


       Thanks to everyone who supported and enjoys our music! :)

































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